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Why Your List Forgot About You

The PGA Tour has a few tournaments during the season that are hosted by legends of golf. The Byron Nelson Classic in Texas was hosted by Byron Nelson. The Arnold Palmer Invitational was hosted in Florida by Arnold Palmer. And the Memorial is hosted by Jack Nicklaus in Columbus, Ohio. … Read More

How To Come Up With Lots of Content Ideas

It’s hard coming up with ideas to write about.  I used to sit at my desk just staring at a blank screen for hours trying to force my brain to come up with something to write about. Of course the blinking cursor never helped. It just added to the anxiety. … Read More

How To kill Your SEO

I was scrolling through Twitter this morning when I came across a gem of a tweet. It was from one of these social media business “experts” that sit on Twitter all day talking about how to build a business when they’ve never done it themselves. You know the type… they … Read More

How To Build An Antifragile Business

I first read the book Antifragile back in 2013. It had a huge impact on how I view the world… both in everyday life and in business. The author talks about lots of important concepts in the book but the overarching idea is that it’s important to build antifragile systems. … Read More

The Evolution Of An Entrepreneur

Back in 2010, when I was still in the fitness industry, I went to a seminar for strength and conditioning coaches. One of the presenters was a guy who’d been in the industry for almost 30+ years. He was easily the biggest and most successful name in that world. He … Read More