Why Your List Forgot About You

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The PGA Tour has a few tournaments during the season that are hosted by legends of golf.

The Byron Nelson Classic in Texas was hosted by Byron Nelson.

The Arnold Palmer Invitational was hosted in Florida by Arnold Palmer.

And the Memorial is hosted by Jack Nicklaus in Columbus, Ohio.

These tournaments are a big deal in golf.

They typically draw the biggest names to come play and pay tribute to the legends of the sport.

Tiger, for instance, only plays in about 12 tournaments a year. But he always plays in Jack’s and Arnie’s events.

Because these events are special.

Byron, Arnie and Jack hang around all week sharing stories from back in their day.

And they usually sit behind the 18th green on Sunday so they can congratulate the winner.

There have been winners that had tears in their eyes as they shook Arnie’s hand.

That’s how big of a deal it is.

Back in the early 2000s though, Byron Nelson died.

And since then the fanfare around his event has died down.

It’s not drawing the big names anymore. And it’s no longer a “must watch” tournament.

The event has kind of lost it’s luster.

Then in 2016 Arnold Palmer died.

And over the past few years the same thing has happened to his tournament.

It’s become a little less popular. Big name golfers are finding reasons to skip it.

Even Tiger, who won the tournament 8 times, missed it last year.

It’s just not the same without the legends there. They’re not as special.

And unfortunately, with them gone, the popularity of the tournaments will probably continue to go down.

What does this have to do with business?

Because the same thing happens with your email list when you’re not around all the time.

When you don’t email them on a regular basis. Your emails become less important.


Because your prospects are busy.

They’re distracted by all the other stuff going on in their world. And they forget about you.

It gets really easy to stop opening your email when you’re not in front of them everyday.

Kinda like all the high school and college friends we lose touch with over the years.

But when you show up in their inbox everyday, and you have cool stuff to share with them, they actually look forward to hearing from you.

So email your list regularly. Before people start tuning you out.

– Dave D’Ambrosio

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