Why You Haven’t Started That Business Yet

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A while back I was playing golf with a buddy of mine and he was telling me how he wanted to get back in shape.

He said he’d put on about 50lbs since college. And none of it was muscle.

Since I was still involved in the health and fitness world, I gave him a couple resources to check out.

I pointed him to some websites I thought he’d like and a few articles that would help him out. 

I even sent him a link to the training program that I was following.

A couple days later I text him to see how he was doing. He was fired up. 

He said the info I sent him was great and he was doing some research on different programs.

He was never really into health and fitness but now he was going down the rabbit hole.

Getting on email lists, hanging out in forums, following all the “gurus” on social media.

I was glad I could help him out and get him started on a path to improve himself.

Fast forward six months and we’re on the golf course again. 

I ask him how the training program is going and he looks up at me with a sheepish grin…

6 months had gone by and he hadn’t picked up a weight yet.

He said he was still in research mode. 

Trying to find the “best program”.

Searching for the “best diet”.

Trying to learn as much as he could before he got started so he didn’t do anything “wrong”.

I looked at him and said…

“Dude… if you would’ve just done some pushups in your living room and cleaned up your diet a little you’d probably be at your goal right now. You don’t even need to buy a program for that.”

He knew I was right.

But this isn’t about fitness… I see the same thing with new entrepreneurs.

They get an idea for a business they want to start.

Then, instead of getting started, they go into research mode.

They start looking for “the best ways” to do everything. 

Reading blog post after blog post. Buying product after product.

6 weeks later… 6 months later… 6 years later(!)… they haven’t done anything.

They haven’t started yet because they have to learn one more “secret”.

That’ll be the thing they need…

So my question to you is… have you been putting off actually doing the work because you’re waiting to learn “the best way” to get started?

Stop. There is no “best way”.

Just get started.

“Do some pushups and clean up your diet.”

You’ll learn as you go.

You’ll keep moving forward.

And you’ll solve problems as they come up.

That’s what real entrepreneurs do.

But you have to stop playing around and get started.

– Dave D’Ambrosio

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