The Evolution Of An Entrepreneur

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Back in 2010, when I was still in the fitness industry, I went to a seminar for strength and conditioning coaches.

One of the presenters was a guy who’d been in the industry for almost 30+ years.

He was easily the biggest and most successful name in that world.

He was personally in charge of training dozens of professional and Olympic athletes.

And at the same time he was running his own sports performance facility that was grossing a couple million dollars per year.

Anyway… his presentation was called “The Evolution Of A Strength Coach”.

The gist of the talk was that people who are successful in the fitness industry – people that have turned a “part time job” into a lucrative career – all go through a similar evolution.

The evolution goes something like this…

You get into fitness because you like working out and you like to look good and feel good.

Then you want to put on some extra muscle so you get into bodybuilding. And you start training like a bodybuilder.

After a couple years you realize that bodybuilders are all looks and no strength. You want to be strong so you get into powerlifting.

And you spend another couple years beating your body up with powerlifting.

Then it dawns on you that being strong is cool, but you don’t have any endurance.

And you’re not as ripped as you want to be. So you start doing Crossfit.

Eventually, you’re in your 30s and your body is falling apart from all the boneheaded training you’ve done over the years.

That’s when you come full circle and realize that you should be training to look and feel good.

Just like when you started out.

His point was that successful coaches go through the entire evolution.

They go from “meathead bodybuilder” all the way to “performance focused strength coach”.

Some take longer than others to go through the evolution.

And some never get through, camping out at different spots along the way.

But the coaches who reach the highest levels… the ones who train professional athletes, Olympic athletes etc… they all evolve.

Because they realize that performance is the only thing that matters.

Not the shiny objects that distract you along the way.

The same thing is true for entrepreneurs.

We all start out wanting more freedom in our life. So we start a business.

Then we start learning all kinds of marketing tactics. And one month we’re focused on this. Then the next month we’re focused on that.

We’re jumping from thing to thing, tactic to tactic, and getting nowhere but burnt out.

And even if we do gain some traction, it’s not long before it becomes unsustainable.

You can’t be on every social media platform 20 times a day.

And there’s not enough hours in the day to be constantly making videos, sending tweets, crafting ads, learning chat bots, writing copy, sending emails, creating products, answering support tickets…

It becomes too much.

And eventually you realize, you don’t have any of the freedom that you wanted when you started out.

You actually have way less freedom. You’re a slave to your business.

So you either burn out completely and shut it down… 

Or you simplify – you become a minimalist entrepreneur.

You start focusing on the important things that actually move the needle.

Because that’s how you build a successful business.

You have to evolve from a maximalist entrepreneur to a minimalist entrepreneur.

– Dave D’Ambrosio

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