How To kill Your SEO

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I was scrolling through Twitter this morning when I came across a gem of a tweet.

It was from one of these social media business “experts” that sit on Twitter all day talking about how to build a business when they’ve never done it themselves.

You know the type… they usually just parrot what they see other “gurus” posting.

They know everything but haven’t done anything.

Anyway, the guy was tweeting about ways to improve SEO then he had a link to his website.

So I clicked on the link to check out what this guy was all about.

I get to his website and it’s a mess.

The theme he was using wasn’t mobile friendly so the writing was really small, the pictures were huge and it was impossible to navigate.

Which is awesome because this guy was going on and on about how to improve SEO on twitter yet he missed the low hanging fruit of SEO. 

His site was no doubt getting dinged by Google in the search rankings for not being mobile friendly.

It’s 2020, most people will end up on your website on their smartphone, so your site better be mobile friendly.

If it’s not, Google is going to penalize you. 

That’s why I use the GeneratePress Premium theme. 

It’s simple, lightweight and, most importantly, it’s mobile friendly.

So no matter what device you’re on when you reach my website, the look, feel and user experience is great.

If your website isn’t optimized for mobile, you need to get a new theme now.

It’s costing you in the search rankings and it’s costing you customers.

– Dave D’Ambrosio

PS: Check out the GeneratePress Premium theme, it’s by far my favorite WordPress theme.