How To Build Muscle (And A Business)

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I got my first gym membership a couple months after I turned 18.

At the time I was a 150lb weakling, so me and a buddy signed up to Town Athletic Club hoping we could put some muscle on over the summer.

We had no idea what we were doing.

We were clueless about how to structure a workout. Or lift with correct form. Or what to eat to build muscle. 

And this was before you could get all this information on social media.

So we’d just show up everyday and watch what the big dudes were doing.

Then we’d do those exercises the next day, so they wouldn’t know we were copying them.

Between that and trying to follow the workouts in Ironman, Flex and Muscular Development we were pretty much just winging it.

As time went on we made friends with some of the older guys.

And they’d share advice and give us tips on how to train and what to eat and all that stuff.

Of course, when you’re 150lbs you don’t have to do anything too advanced to see results.

And I got bit by the “iron bug” pretty hard once I started seeing some muscle.

After that, my whole life revolved around training. I read and studied everything I could get my hands on.

Experimenting. Testing. Finding what worked and what didn’t.

Three years later I was 230lbs of solid muscle and was thinking about doing bodybuilding competitions.

I eventually mastered the gym, but for those first few years I really had no idea what I was doing.

I just showed up everyday and lifted weights. And I slowly figured it out as I went.

The same is true for starting a business.

You can’t wait until you know everything before you start a business.

You learn as you go.

Just like I eventually figured out the lifting stuff, you’ll eventually figure out the business stuff.

But the key was I was actually in the gym.

And you have to actually be building a business.

Stop researching.

Stop planning.

Stop trying to find “the thing” that’ll make you successful.

Just get in there and start doing it.

Start building your business today. Now.

Show up every day and lift weights.

Because the only way to learn is by doing.

– Dave D’Ambrosio

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