How A Legendary Wrestling Coach Can Improve Your Email Marketing

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Dan Gable was one of the best American wrestlers to ever put on a singlet.

He wrestled for Iowa State University in the late ‘60s and absolutely dominated everyone. Racking up 117 wins and only 1 loss while winning 2 national championships.

Then he went on to dominate on the world stage.

Winning a pair of gold medals. One from the world championships in ’71 and another from the Olympics the following year.

He wasn’t done there.

After his wrestling career ended he went on to coach at the University of Iowa for the next 20+ years. 

And his teaching methods produced 45 national champions and 8 Olympic medalists. Not to mention the hundreds of All-Americans and Big Ten champions.

Oh, and out of the 21 years he coached the Hawkeyes, they won 15 NCAA Division 1 titles.

Year after year, for 2 decades, he developed champions.

And his entire philosophy was built on a simple principle.

“If it’s important, do it everyday. If it’s not important, don’t do it at all.”
– Dan Gable

Obviously he was talking about wrestling but he just as easily could have been talking about your email marketing.

Email marketing is the backbone of online business.

It builds a relationship with your prospects and customers.

It builds your authority and credibility.

And most importantly, it leads to sales.

So you should be emailing everyday.

Because communicating with your list… building a relationship with them… making sales… are pretty important if you want to build a business.

Plus, the people on your list want to hear from you.

That’s why they’re on your email list in the first place.

They have problems they need help with, and they want your help.

They want to learn from you because they’re interested in what you have to say. 

They want to buy your products and services.

Your emails are the way for you to help them.

Email them daily.

Be entertaining. Be interesting. And be helpful.

They’ll look forward to hearing from you.

And they’ll look forward to buying from you.

– Dave D’Ambrosio

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